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Logo Quiz Help Level 11


The first logo with pink and yellow square is Vh1,
the second one that start with “O” end with “t” is Orbit,
a logo with letters “B A N” is Braun,
blue rectangle has letters “T…AX” is Tampax,
a logo start with a square looks like a red white chessboard is Purina
the next one is Head and Shoulders
two green yellow ribbons are Knorr,
a logo ends with letters “LLS” is Halls,
the next one with a red sphere in the center is 7up,
start with M end with M is Magnum,
a logo with letters “D S I” is Dasani,
letters “CO KES” is Corn Flakes,
start with O end with Y is Olay,
letter L in red rectangle is Lu,
a logo with letter “L A A” is Royal Canin,
a yellow rectangle start with letters “Nes” is Nesquik.

The next logo in yellow with letters “F ski” is Friskies,
letter N in brown square is Nespresso,
a logo in dark green rectangle with letters “JAC” is Jacobs,
the next one start with A is AMG,
a scorpion in yellow red badge is Abarth,
a black rectangle with letters” B…S” is Brabus,
a brown sailboat is Pirate Bay,
a man in circle wearing a tuxedo with a question mark as his head is Anonymous,
a black square with letters “LE” is Lexus,
a black oval with letters “P bil” is Peterbilt,
a white oval with blue outline start with letter E is Esso,
start with “EF” end with “T“ is Everlast,
a logo with letter A and backward Y is Axe,
a red lion and letter “LONDON” is Lonsdale,
a red circle start with “O” end with “HI” is Ozoshi,
start with letter “M” ends with LLM (letter M in orange circle) is Merrell.

The next logo is Dr Martens,
the next one in blue rectangle is Domestos,
a jumping man hold a basketball is Air Jordan,
a underlined blue square end with letter V is OMV,
a logo with letters “G AZ M” is Gazprom,
a red square start with L end with L is Lukoil,
orange circle start with G is Gulf,
silver wings and a green rectangle in the center is Aston Martin,
the next one is and1,
a green rectangle with letters “n n TYR” is Nokian,
start with red letter Y and “OKO” is Yokohama,
letter N with arrow is NOS,
a logo with letters “CARO” is Recaro,
a blue rectangle has underlined letters “sp” is Sparco,
letters “TO TIR” is Toyo,
start with “F” ends with “ne” is Firestone.

Red letter F with a red rectangle is Fulda,
letters “UNI” between two red parallelograms are Uniroyal,
start with blue letter “B” and end with yellow letter “B” in blue circle is Barum,
start with “G” end with “on” is Gibson,
start with number 7 and ends with “er” is Fender,
start with “M” end with “ll” in black rectangle is Marshall,
a logo start with “I” and ends with “ez” is Ibanez,
the next one is Monster,
a yellow square has letter R and a star is Rockstar,
red cursive letters “Bu” is Budweiser,
a blue cup of coffee is Java,
a logo start with “d” end with “n” is Debian,
a ring (red yellow green) is Chrome,
start with “F” and ends with “LIN” is Fairline,
the next one looks like a red animal wearing a mask is Irfanview,
start with letters “Ja” in yellow square is Jabra.

Black rectangle has letters “RY” in the end is Mansory,
start with “S” ends with “INO” and a red star at the top is S Pellegrino,
red letters “S nD” is Sandisk,
the next one is jQuery,
a red square with a red haired girl at the top and start with letter W is Wendys,
the next one is Fuji Film,
letters “WD” in blue rectangle is Western Digital,
the next one is Tim,
start with underlined “S” and a red flag at the top is Stena Line,
the next one is Giro d’Italia,
black yellow logo with letters “rdePo” is Tour de Pologne,
a blue star between T and S is Toysrus,
a red rabbit logo is Duplo,
the next one is Bad Robot,
start with “al” end with “s” is Always,
letter “o” in oval is OB.

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